IPT 2013 : les résultats

La finale de l’IPT 2013 a vu s’affronter les équipes Suisses, Russes, Polonaises et Françaises.

1ère place : Suisse

Problème présenté :  Spectral cola (problème 7).

Take a green laser pointer and a half-full Coca-Cola bottle. If you’ll point the laser beam horizontally into the cola and look through the bottleneck, you’ll see the laser beam propagating on some distance (5-8 cm). The beam will change its color depending on its height: from green near the cola surface to red at a greater depth. What explains this phenomenon? How does the beam spectrum depend on the cola layer thickness?

2èmeplace : Pologne

Problème présenté :  Conductance quantum (problème 16)

Few people know that conductance quantization can be observed in a simple electro-mechanical relay at room temperature. Obtain the experimental value of conductivity quantum. How close can it be to the theoretical value at room temperature? The possible scheme of the experimental assembly is shown in the figure.

3ème place : France

Problème présenté :  Drop on water (problème 9)

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A container filled with water was set up on a vibrating table so that quasi-stationary waves were formed on the water surface. Under what conditions drops of water that fall on the surface will move in between the waves? Explain this effect qualitatively and evaluate the lifetime of such drops. What does it depend upon?

4ème place : Russie

Problème présenté :  Battery Cry (problème 5)

Fabricate the AA type battery powered sound source (i.e. continuously converting electric energy, stored in the battery, into sound) which is as loud as possible.

5ème place : Danemark

6ème place : Royaume Uni

7ème place : Chine

8ème place : Singapour

9ème place : Roumanie

10ème place : Russie

IPT 2013 : les résultats